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Perri-Med First Aid/CPR Training

First Training CPR and First Aid is recognized as an authorized provider using materials by permission and under the auspices of Perri-Med First Aid/CPR. We have gone through the rigorous approval process of having the government thoroughly review our course materials and thoroughly audit our training programs.


Perri-Med First Aid/CPR programs are recognized by the following organizations.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) approved by the Minister of Labour in accordance with Part XVI, First Aid, of the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Ontario: Approved under First Aid Regulation 1101 of the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care of the Ontario Public Pools Regulation, 565/90 under the Health Protection and Promotion Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.H.7.

Nova Scotia: Approved under subsection 5(4); Clause 3(aa) added: O.I.C. 2001-401, N.S. Reg. 104/2001, under the Canada Labour Code.

New Brunswick: Approved under Regulation 2004-130 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (O.C. 2004-471)

Manitoba: Approved under MB Regulation 217/2006 of the Workplace Safety and Health Act.


About Perri-Med First-Aid/CPR Training

We are committed to teaching and promoting the highest standards in First-Aid, CPR, resuscitation and safety training. We use a positive and supportive teaching style to training people to prevent and respond to emergency situations. Seconds count to save life in your workplace, home and we are training people to save lives through training in CPR (adult/child/infant), Defibrillation, Standard First Aid, Emergency First Aid, Oxygen Administration, WHMIS and baby-sitting courses. It is a reflection of our commitment to training and excellence in all that we do as authorized providers of the Perri-Med First Aid/CPR program.

Perri-Med First Aid/CPR Training Provincial Office
2277 Howard Ave., Windsor, Ontario, Canada N8X 3V2
Toll Free: 1-888-807-3333
Local: 519-252-4174
Fax: 519-728-4424
Email: info@perrimed.com
Website: www.perrimed.com

Medical Advisor: Dr. J.C. Fedoruk, BA, LLB, MD, CCFP (EM), FACEP, FCLM, DABAM